Catching Up With Comedians

Rich Stein, a long time standup comic, took a few years off the road to teach high school, get married, and have a kid. Now, retired from teaching, he is back on stages and reconnecting with old friends and trying to Catch up with Comedians. Plenty of funny stories, anecdotes and tributes to the greats both famous and infamous!

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5 days ago

Chance Langton was born and raised in Quincy Mass. Music and songwriting were his first loves and he had been writing songs and performing music as a pro when he was performing at The Troubadour in Los Angeles and one day happened to drive past the Comedy Store in the late seventies.  Doing 6-7 minutes was like a walk in the park for Chance so when he was passed by owner Mitzi Shore at his very first audition, he joined a very elite cadre of comics who were already regulars at what was the first generation of comics to turn professional after having made their bones at the very same club. Chance used his musical gifts as well as his sharp comedy material and timing to kind of switch careers. He returned to Boston, which had arguably the greatest pool of talent developing in any major city anywhere else in the country including Los Angeles and New York.  In our conversation Chance tells many stories of his journey both working with many of the greats and also what managers, agents and others did for him and how he might have done a few things differently if he had known then what he knows now.  All comics big and small have their struggles but Chance remains to this day one of not only the greatest to come out of Boston, but one of the greatest to come out of the comedy explosion of the 1980's.  I hope you enjoy listening to this great comic, musician and New Englander: Sir Chance of Langton...

Monday May 20, 2024

Like most Artistic youngsters, Gene never understood why his teachers always said that,
"You Can Only Do One Thing!"
Gene loved Drawing, Acting and Music, so one day he wrote them all on a piece of paper and threw them into the air and when they landed they opened up the portal for ANIMATION. 
Gene had some great mentors early on and along the way he has worked for and with everyone from Hanna Barbera, Disney, Walter Lantz, Tex Avery, Art Klokey to his own company... HAMMINATION!
In Addition to that, he taught ANIMATION for ten years passing along his artistry to the next generation of animators. Like many actors and creatives, he spent enough time at The Improv and The Comedy Store in LA, to eventually develop his own comedy routines and I for one can attest to seeing his act in Los Angeles in a theater not even six months ago and he is like a Gentle Giant morphing the one liners of Stephen Wright with the wacky style of Jonathan Winters. I know you will enjoy hearing the wisdom and wit of my guest, Gene Hamm.

Jaz Kaner joins host Rich Stein

Saturday May 11, 2024

Saturday May 11, 2024

Jaz Kaner was a guitar player working in clubs and bars in Hawaii and eventually even worked for Don Ho. After getting a few laughs while on stage he eventually moved to the San Francisco area to try out his musical variety / comedy act amongst the Robin Williams', Paula Poundstone's and other up and comers who made up that scene. Jaz worked for many years, in comedy clubs, colleges, and eventually cruise ships. He now makes his living as the founder and C.E.O. of BANZAI SURFING in Huntington Beach. They are a year round surfing school for children and people of all ages who enjoy the beach and want to just start out as a beginner or increase their skills at surfing. I know you will enjoy the multi talented and always funny Jaz Kaner as we ride the waves of laughter, together! SURF'S UP! 

Thursday May 02, 2024

Brad Slaight was raised in Cedar Springs just outside of Grand Rapids Michigan. After completing two years as a high school teacher and just shy of tenure, he was asked by his older brother to join him for a life changing trip to California. He thought about it for five minutes before saying YES! 
All these years later and Brad has carved out quite a career as an actor, writer and comedian. One of those rare beings who has successfully avoided a day job because he uses many talents and trades to make his living.  The author of more than a dozen plays, he earns his royalties whenever these plays are performed on a stage. He has written for episodic television as well as acted in many shows such as Parks and Recreation and a two year turn on The Young and the Restless, where he played Izzy Adams, the Scoundrel!
As a comic he worked for years in a group called Moving Violations as well as part of a two man team with comic Buzz Belmondo. Brad continues to perform as a stand up comic as he is now in a position where he can choose the gigs he will enjoy doing.  He also has worn the hats of producer, director and editor so he sets a great example to both young and old in the business; Don't wait for the world to come to you, but rather produce the best stuff you can and get it out there for the world to see!

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Kat Simmons is a 32 year veteran of the international comedy club circuit.  She has appeared on numerous comedy shows on television such as Comedy Tonight and Candid Camera. Her clean and conversational style have made her a regular top draw on the corporate circuit both as a keynote speaker and a person who can connect with a specific group and get big laughs. 
After moving from the Lake Tahoe area down to LA to break into stand up and learn her craft in 1987, she left LA in 1992 to return back to her home in Carson Valley, Nevada where she would start a family and continue to perform, produce and teach comedy all while raising her kids in the place where she has called home for most of her adult life.   She produced her own comedy show at the Carson Valley Inn Casino for fifteen years all the while teaching comedy workshops to people of all ages, to help others find their empowerment through humor.  Kat is also very passionate about animals, the environment and her entire community. I know you will enjoy hearing just some of Kat's stories and memories from her truly inspirational and unique comedy career!

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Comedian Steve Mazan has fit a lot of living into his 25 year career.  Hailing from The Hanover Park section of Chicago, and inspired by SNL, Richard Pryor and other greats he went after his dream to be a stand up comic. His career was moving along nicely when at age 34 he was given the scary diagnosis of stage four liver cancer. Being always the positive thinker he determined that he would get on David Letterman in the time he had left.  The great news is he made it onto David Letterman by 2009 and his Documentary, "DYING TO DO LETTERMAN" came out in 2011, and it was fantastic!  Along the way he discusses his loving wife, Denise, his circle of friends and comics who have helped him and I can vouch for how many comics and friends he has helped along the way. I know you will enjoy hearing the stories and the journey of my friend, Steve Mazan

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Comedian Keith Ross Nelson joins Rich to talk about his early years in track and field and trying out his comedy in college lecture classes. Keith discusses over thirty years of touring, including funny stories about legendary road warriors and his current work producing, acting and writing for series and comedy specials. 

Slade Ham

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Slade Ham is here to discuss his comedy special that airs on YouTube on 4/2/24. We discuss his journey from South Texas to 44 USO Tours covering 60 countries and six continents. A powerful, high energy comic who wears many hats, also executive produced and filmed Andy Huggins comedy special currently streaming as well as appearing in Jordan Brady's Documentary: I Am Battle Comic! I think you will really enjoy Slade's passion for comedy and how he is working hard to produce the finest product in an always changing business model.

Sunday Mar 24, 2024

Tommy Moore returns to tell stories about Shecky Greene. We discuss Shecky's long career including Las Vegas, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, the mob and so much more. A must listen for any comedy fan!

Saturday Mar 16, 2024

Philly Comedian Tommy Moore recalls his start in the business and regales us with great stories about working with legends Pat Cooper, Don Rickles and many more. 

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